Zion & Bryce National Park

by Alisa posted July 21, 2012 category Red Rock, Road Trip, Southwest

July 10, 2012
(click on photo to scale)

When I got to Zion I had been alone in the car for awhile. I got up before the sun and went to the Hoover Dam, where I stood alone on the bridge as the sun peeked over the rocks. After a few more stops in Vegas (In-N-Out), I drove to Utah in that trance state that’s hard to avoid on that drive. It was scorching hot all the way there, driving in the midday sun that is the hobby photographer’s enemy. Living in the East, you forget how bright and hot the sun shines on that stretch of I-15, how diluted and hazy the colors in the desert look, how vast the expanse of the dead-looking brush and distant rocky hills. You get a taste of Zion after you pass St. George, with its red rocky surroundings, then through the small towns on two-lane highways as the landscape starts to change. It begins to loom over the curving roads with these jagged and smooth rocks of varying reds, blues, and purples and you begin to anticipate something like it awaits you. But it can’t actually prepare you for it. With this hobby, I sometimes have to remind myself that even at 3pm with blazing sun overhead casting horrible shadows, the experience of seeing the thing is worth it, even if the photos can’t represent how I was rendered speechless and even cried a little.

Zion National Park

Along Hwy 9


My high & distant view of the parts of the park accessible via the shuttle


Looking up


Under the red rock

Bryce Canyon


Millions of colors


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  1. Just reminds me of hymn #86.

  2. That’s a perfect way to describe how it feels there.

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